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[Infographic] How to Become a Successful Leader

Habits of Successful Leaders

By Bisk

Training executives to lead in a new era of business is now a major concern of an increasingly large number of companies. As a consequence, programs designed to develop leadership and management talent are getting bigger budgets; sponsoring leadership courses online to employees is becoming a common practice.

On the other side of the spectrum are the emerging leaders, the talent to be developed. What steps should emerging leaders follow to become strong and successful leaders? What habits and characteristics are the most important to foster, to cultivate?

To answer to these questions, Michigan State University Online created the infographic "Getting Fit to Lead - Habits of Successful Leaders." 

Getting -fit -to -lead -infographic

Copy the code below to embed the Getting Fit to Lead Infographic

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Habits of Successful Leaders" title="Getting Fit to Lead" border="0" /></a><br />Infographic by Michigan State University, earn your <a href="" target="_blank">Strategic Leadership & Management Certificate</a>.
Category: Strategic Leadership and Management