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Dr. Robert Wiseman Explains How to Make Better Strategic Decisions

By Bisk on December 31, 2013


Without an appreciation of strategy it’s very difficult to make decisions that are good for the organization. It’s good to make decisions that benefit a function or a department but that’s only one element of an organization. To think strategically means to think several moves ahead. It means to think about the impact on the entire organizatfion for what one’s to do.

The best decisions are made when one considers there are many ways to look at the same problem. And that’s something that many executives fail to do. They become convinced of a particular course of action and they pursue that course of action. In fact, there’s some research that suggests the more expert one becomes the more one succumbs to what is called a confirmation bias.

And by that I mean they look for evidence to support their own judgment about what should happen. And those that are aware that they may fall prey to that are ones that can make much better decisions about what the decisions ought to be.

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