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MSU and APICS Present "Supply Chain Management: Beyond the Horizon" Webinar

By Bisk on May 19, 2015
MSU and APICS Present "Supply Chain Management: Beyond the Horizon" Webinar

Is your company realizing the true potential of your supply chains?

Researchers at Michigan State University's Department of Supply Chain Management in the Eli Broad College of Business are engaged in a major research project, Supply Chain Management: Beyond the Horizon, to determine why some companies are successful leveraging their supply chains as a competitive advantage and what the future holds for supply chain management.

In a series of webinars sponsored by the APICS Supply Chain Council, the MSU research team will engage with supply chain professionals to explore the significance of the research, and the implications for companies seeking to bridge the gap between current and desired supply chain performance.

Attend the first webinar event on Thursday, May 21 at 2-3 p.m. EDT to learn:

  • What the researchers have gained from conversations with dozens of companies using supply chain as a key differentiator across the globe.
  • Why investing more in planning does not necessarily translate into improved performance.
  • How to build a foundation that enables the supply chain to be a strategy weapon.

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