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From Restaurant Manager to Regional Restaurant Management

By Bisk
From Restaurant Manager to Regional Restaurant Management

Many restaurant managers have long-term career goals that include advancing into regional management. At this higher level of management some tasks will be familiar such as coordinating staff members and meeting operational goals. Managing more than one restaurant, though, entails acquiring additional responsibilities requiring advanced business and leadership skills.

Requirements for Advancing to Regional Restaurant Manager

Before competing for regional management positions, take a hard look at your qualifications. You may already be familiar with restaurant operations, but regional managers are expected to possess outstanding knowledge and skills. These are a few aspects of the restaurant business you are expected to have mastered:

  • Cash flow: In a cash-intensive business restaurant managers need to monitor cash coming in cash going out monthly or even weekly.
  • Repeat customers: A high percentage of repeat guests is essential to success and reduces advertising costs since positive word-of-mouth costs nothing.
  • Minimum staff member turnover: Inexperienced staff members can create a poor experience for guests and cost repeat business.

You also should delve into and monitor financial reports and data to better comprehend the fiscal end of restaurant operations. Be sure you can analyze and understand sales figures by total and category, direct expenses and monthly, quarterly and annual reports to anticipate sales shifts and changing expenses.

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Communication Skills

As a regional manager, communication skills become more important as you interact with people from entry-level staff members to directors and executives.

Regional managers often also prepare corporate communications such as a fiscal year strategy covering multiple locations and how they interact rather than a fiscal year strategy for a single location. The ability to write clearly and concisely builds your credibility. Learn to organize your thoughts before starting to write and focus on information the reader needs.

Presentation skills also are valuable as your career advances. You never know when you’ll be called to speak to a group, present your case for a business idea or defend a decision. You can increase your confidence and ability to engage others with practice and learning to: 

  • Know your message and purpose: Focus on your main message and be sure supporting information backs up the message.
  • Know your audience: You’ll use different language and supporting information when presenting to a boardroom of executives than to a break room of restaurant staff members.
  • Know your presentation: Practice your delivery more than you think is necessary. Pay attention to your tone of voice, eye contact and pace of your delivery.

Authentic Leadership

According to Dr. Ronald Cichy, PhD and former director of The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University, one of the most effective ways to prepare for a leadership position is to practice authentic leadership. Authentic leadership consists of:

  • Developing your emotional intelligence: Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your feelings, relate to the feelings of others and lead by understanding those feelings.
  • Leading innovation: With emotional intelligence, authentic leaders have the confidence and freedom to develop an innovative culture of responsibility and creative problem solving.
  • Knowing your passion: If you can identify your passion, you’ll know what drives you. What excites you? What do you feel passionate about? Can you imagine not doing it? How can you apply that excitement to your career?

Are You Ready to Leap from Restaurant Manager to Regional Manager?

Moving to a regional restaurant management position is not easy but honing your skills in communication,  developing your emotional intelligence and leadership abilities along with mastering aspects of the restaurant business, can provide a strong basis to advance your career. 

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